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Strange sayings about missionaries

Here some strange things Christians told me over the years about missions or missionaries. Some hurt, some are just funny. Other have some truth within them.

1. If you go on the mission field you will miss the coming revival in Switzerland
After being oversees for seven years, they are still waiting. Perhaps I will be back in time for the big one.

2. Missionaries steal the resources of the local church.
One of my favorites. What shall I say. Whose resources are they anyway?

3. When you will go back to Switzerland, you will be on social welfare

This one is for missionaries living on personal suppport (living by faith) "Seek first the     Kingdom…consider the lilies…" There was some genuine concern behind that one. I trust for God’s provisions wherever I will be. Not always easy, but extremely good for faith building.

4. Missionaries destroy the local cultures

(unfortunately true in some cases) I think the real problem lies in exploitation of the rich and powerful over the poor. It lies in the motivation, the strategy and ethics of  the missionaries going about their calling. I think globalisation, tourism and quick money are more dangerous to local cultures. Everybody rather uses the motorbike then going by foot. The accousation mostly comes from tourists/travelors to those cultures bringing their strange customs, money and ideas as examples. They also want to go to places where there are no tourist (to the "untouched" hilltribe village)

5. Missionaries are to expensive.
…let the nationals do it themselves they are cheaper. Again there is some truth behind this one. As if God has a resource problem. I never knew that money was an issue with God.

6. You are throwing away your gifts and talents

True. What if I would have stayed? I could be more efficient. Then is it really about my gifts, talents and efficiency or about serving the King?  I’m in His service. If He wants to use me with my gifts or just to wash someones feet is a question of do I serve Him or myself.


  1. Mark

    Hi Philipp
    Long time again since I dropped a comment. This article is so true – especially the point of destroying culture and the issue of money!
    Wish you protection and happiness today, wherever you go, whatever you do!

  2. _dave_

    in all this sentences, I hear frustration. God may heal them.

  3. lillian

    well writen my dear

  4. Timmy

    I like your blog Dad!

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