We arrived in Vang Vieng after four hours. The bus ride from Vientiane was alright. Even the air con worked.
The county looks quite poor, but clean. There are barely any beggars. Very similar to Thailand except less developed.
The bus drove into the yard of a guest hose in Vang Vieng and I thought this is pretty strange. We then had to walk through the guest house into the street behind where the back packer mecca unfolds. There are many guesthouses and restaurants. We walked down the road it was already dark and the places were filled with young travelers watching "Friends" on TV while eating. Two restaurants showed one episode after the other. Another restaurant showed the Simpson’s. It was kind of strange and amusing. We found a guesthouse and settled in before we went for some delicious Indian food and my first Lao beer.
The next day we went climbing. We rented some gear and got two guides with us. The morning we spent in a cave climbing the walls. It was a beautiful spot. After lunch we went to another wall and climbed several routes up to 6b+.
Today we catch the bus to Luang Prabang. Another six hour drive. Our trip is soon coming to an end.