Yesterday, or should I say this morning for me, was the match Switzerland against Ukraine at the football world championship. I was crazy enough to stay up to watch it. Here in Thailand it’s on life at two in the morning. Would I have known the outcome and the never-ending misery of that game I wouldn’t have swapped my beauty sleep for this.
Switzerland lost after they were unable to bring in a single penalty at the penalty shoot out. The whole game went back and forth with numerous fouls and players hitting the Grass all the time. It was terrible to watch the way they hacked each other down.I think the Swiss played quite well. Better than Ukraine They were much more in ball possession and had quite a view chances to shoot a goal. The team is just unable to shoot goals. Not even penalties. What a bummer! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not a single penalty went in. A sad day for Switzerland. I will lower our Swiss flags today.
Okay I admit I’m proud they even made it into the championships. It doesn’t happen very often. There are too many strong teams in Europe. So hopefully next time. Just imagine Switzerland in the finals.