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Night Owl

Often when it gets late I will become more active and sometimes more productive. It’s quite, there are less disruptions and if the "devils eye" wouldn’t petrify me to the sofa (by this I mean the TV) so often, I would get a lot more done at night. It is already past midnight and I have to get up 5.30 in the morning. A few hours sleep. Then pick up some people from the Guest-house and off to Prao to the boarding home. 55 Children need rice to eat. So at least once a month I go up there for to bring the monthly support. Then we will go on to Fang. Stay the night in Hui Kau Laam. We have to bring in some water-pipes to fix part of a the pipeline in the jungle. I will be back Friday evening.

So why I am up so late? I need to prepare work for next week and try to solve our wireless network problem we have in the office while backing up Lillian’s computer and writing e-mails. So who says man cannot do some multi-tasking. I guess we just have to be able to get our lazy bones of that blooming sofa and find peace in the stillness of the night.
Good night….. Chiang Mai and the rest of the world!    00.34 A.M

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  1. men and multitasking??? are you KIDDING???!!!! Dream on baby dream on

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