Dec 4 2007

Loosing fat the natural way

I am no sport fanatic. By no means. But I must say that it does a lot of good in my life. Specially since I’m turning forty soon and my twenties are way behind me. Back then just working as a gardener kept me fit. Now to keep fit I have to actually do something. Doing sports also keeps me happy. I just feel good if I have been in the Gym two times a week. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen.

I read on the internet that gaining muscle increases  your metabolism which in turn burns more fat. So I gain more muscle then I can eat more without getting fatter. If I then don’t eat I will then burn muscle fiber and will show bones. I guess this is a bit to high for me. As more as I read about nutrition and work-out as more confused the subject gets. It is not all about weight. Well being is maybe more what I seek and there are many factors that have to be applied here. Perhaps for another post :-)

I guess I just get on and try to make it at least once to the Gym this week. It surly helps my overall wellbeing.

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