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Storm in Chiang Mai

The last days were so hot it was getting to me. I could sense it in the traffic. I mean driving in Thailand is very dangerous as it is. But when it gets so hot over many days we all get short tempered and traffic becomes even worse. Two days ago there was an accident on Hang Dong road when I was driving home around six. I saw a Pick-up Truck that slammed earlier into a Electricity pole killing all for passengers. The driver apparently was drunk.

Yesterday afternoon the clouds were building up. Sometimes it is hard to see because of the pollution that is closing up the sky here in Chiang Mai. But suddenly it started raining, and the it even hailed for a moment. Very strange. It went on with a heavy downpour for a while. It rained more or less the whole night.
So this morning Chiang Mai is reborn with clear fresh air. What a treat for us living here in this heat.

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  1. hey there! du hast ja viel geschrieben die letzten tage! hier hat der regen auch etliche pollen weggeschwemmt, sehr zur freude von zwei unserer kid’s! (heuschnupfen)
    regen kann ein segen sein…………
    bis bald

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