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Cyclone over Burma aftermath

The storm past over and left a shocking picture of destruction. It reminds me of the Tsunami when I see the pictures of dead bodies. But maybe even more it reminds me of what happened in New Orleans. Again the Government failed to do what they are supposed to do. There was no warning and no evacuation. People were totally unaware of what was to come. Whoever has been in Asia knows how flimsy the buildings are. There is no chance of staying secure in a house. There are no shelters.

The Burmese Government is notorious of doing the opposite of taking care of it’s people. I still cannot understand and it make me sad. Why do the innocent have to suffer so much. One organization said 40% of the more the 22,000 dead are children. I pause and I am speechless.

In a week or two no one will talk about the disaster anymore. The strange thing is that in the nine years I have been in Asia thousands of people got killed, maimed by mines, raped, and driven into the jungle by the Burmese Junta.

Please pray for the Burmese people!


  1. Tom

    Hi Phillip,
    I agree with your post above and also feel pretty speechless that the Burmese government do not seem to be letting in the aid agencies at the time they are most needed. Soon there will be tens of thousands of more unnecessary deaths – but that is the value of life in the regime’s eyes.
    I live in Chiang Mai and have been doing some web development with Burmese (human rights) organisations for a few years in both Mae Sot and Chiang Mai.
    I have a couple of Bumese friends in Chiang Mai who are trying to organise relief efforts via a website I built them during the monks’ protests last year. It is I was wondering whether I can mention it here.
    Many thanks,

  2. philipp

    Hi Tom
    reading the newspaper today made me said. No visas, basically no help, how can that be. There is so much injustice in Burma.
    I looked at looked at the link. Great idea!

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